Home Bar Shelving Ideas: 10 DIY Ideas To Get You Started

A bar shelf is a must-have addition to most homes, especially homes with bars. But finding the right bar shelf isn’t always that easy. That’s why we’re here to help you out. Here are 10 DIY ideas for how you can build your very own fabulous bar shelf.

Build A Glass Bar Shelf

Do you like glass? What about glass shelves? This is one of the most common bar shelves you’ll see. These can be made using an assortment of different types of glass, as well as inexpensive reclaimed glass.

You can create a unique design for your shelves by using colors or patterns. This might be a good project for your kids to do, if they like to draw or paint. While many people prefer not to have glass in their homes because it is very valuable, many of them like the vintage look and charm of this form of display. If you’d like to be a little more fashion-forward with your bar shelf, then you can always go with this idea.

Build A Bar Cart With Wheels

To start, you’ll need a bar cart, which is essentially a solid wooden piece with wheels that can be moved. After you’ve got the cart, you can use it to build a bar cart shelf, which will allow you to store glasses, bottles, and other booze. Here are some bar cart ideas to get you started.

Attic Shelf — This piece is perfect for keeping the lights on, but more importantly, for holding all your liquor. The long shelf shelf also comes with sliding feet, which means it’ll be easy to remove and replace.

Wood Bar Table — This simple bar table is built entirely of wood. The table can be used to store glasses, while the shelf holds liquor. Bar Table Lamp A lamp on the shelf can be used to add a little bit of ambiance to a party or an intimate night in.

Build A Rolling Corner Unit

This DIY is great for folks who want to make an even better use of their kitchen island and countertops. The idea is to build a countertop, then build a corner unit, and finally wrap around that corner unit to create an island that you can roll on.

To make your project even easier, you can order your countertop from a place like Diamon Builds, and then have it delivered to your home to finish your project. It’s easy!

You don’t have to use a whole table and use the staircase to access the bar area. You can design your own bar so that you can include the table and stairs without making it a full table and bench. You can also use the stairs and the table to create a drink and snack station, or even use the stairs as a home bar top.

Rustic Floating Bar Shelf With Wine Racks

If you’re looking for a rustic and industrial touch to your bar shelf, this may be the one for you. It’s easy to turn an old door into a bar shelf. The top shelf is perfect for your wine and bottles of liquor. You can easily make this one yourself, too.

Self-Cleaning Bar Shelf With Shower Curtain — Perfect for a wet bathroom, this bar shelf is all self-contained, with a shower curtain that cleans itself.

Party Time Bar Shelf — Show off your own holiday decorations with this beautiful bar shelf. It’s perfect for entertaining!

A perfectly chic way to display your favorite mixers and bottles of liquor. Ugly But Lovely Bartender Shelf It may be ugly, but it is functional!

Floating Bar Shelf

This floating bar shelf is no joke. Not only is it huge, but it’s made from 2 pieces of wood. It features a 3/4″ router table router with a 1″ bevel angle. It requires some serious power tools and 6-9 hours of work, depending on the configuration you choose.

Bar Shelf in a Mason Jar — Who doesn’t like mason jars? How about a customizable mason jar bar shelf that’s made with just the right amount of metal. Have fun with your design. Have different bar sizes. Have things like candy jars, salts, candles, and decorations. Or, keep it simple and make it a good place to keep glasses.

Bar Shelf With Paint Pots  — Have you seen these paint pot bar shelves on Pinterest? They are absolutely gorgeous.

Wall Mounted Bar Shelf

This bar shelf is the perfect place to store your favorite beer. I especially like this version, because you can mount it on a wall. You can either use hardware from your kitchen, or purchase a bracket or bandsaw to cut your pieces.

This DIY bar shelf also has a great storage case. This one doesn’t have much storage, though. It is best to mount this on a wall, for better balance. You can even put in a small storage cabinet to keep your empties nice and clean.

Mirrored Bar Shelf is an awesome idea for bar shelf that is actually a mirror! This DIY makes a great addition to a kitchen.

Under-counter Bar Shelf

This under-counter shelf will look great with some good pieces of art on it. You can pick up a great, mid-century style mid-century table and put it under the shelf.

For additional storage, you can place another piece of furniture below the shelf. It will create a little nook you can put something special on.

This DIY would be perfect for those who use makeup, especially beginners. It would be great to place a couple of small trays on this board, so people can easily display their favorite makeup. You can also place another piece of furniture on the bar to complete this awesome look. .

DIY Metal Shelves

This simple shelf makes a great addition to a bar, adding a rustic look and creating an interesting conversation piece. You can easily create this shelf for under $50.

This lazy man’s bar shelf has two DIY metal shelves in one. Here’s how to make one yourself. 14-Piece Library System For less than $50, this shelf will make the perfect addition to your library or living room. 9-Meter Wooden Shelf It’s difficult to find a good frame for a nine-meter-long shelf. This DIY will solve that problem.

Natural Curved Bar Shelf is a simple wood frame, a few pieces of white paint and some natural-looking stones will turn this simple bar shelf into a beautiful piece of furniture. Gorgeous Bar Shelf Get creative with this rustic outdoor wooden shelving system.

Use A Free Standing Wine Rack As Your Bar Shelf

Your most common bar shelf options can be considered a wine rack. The Wine Rack Free Standing Shelf is a great place to start and comes with all the tips and tricks you need to make this one of your best yet. The entire project from start to finish takes you under a hour and a half. In fact, you don’t even have to do any cutting or wood working to get it done.

Buy The Shelf With a Center Support. You’re going to need an inch of wood in the center to support the rest of the shelf.

This is how it’s made. Trim a 12″x12″ piece of wood to fit this hole. Dough to fit the hole is 1/4″ thick. Place the wood inside the hollow center of the hole. Trim the wood so it lays flat across the wood to make a triangle. Saw a hole in the middle of the triangular strip. Glue it together.