The 10 Best Man Cave Ideas That Will Make You Want To Build One

In case you live under a rock, there’s a new fad in town: the man cave. Every guy has one, and there’s no reason not to have your own, too! Just to make sure you do it up right, here are the 10 best man cave ideas that will make you want to build one. If you’ve been searching high and low for the best man cave ideas ever made, then congratulations! You’ve found them.

Get A Big Screen Tv

Do you just want to watch football, or basketball, or baseball, or football, or… you get the idea? You need a big screen t.v. and you’ll never find a man cave without one.

Throw on some sports games and get some popcorn going. This is a simple but effective way to create a quality man cave in an easily-portable space.

Add Some Bar Stools, you don’t want just any old bar stools. They must be large, comfortable, and filled with memory foam. You can’t have any comfortable bar stools, however, if you’re going to be sitting on them while drinking. That would be simply disgusting.

You need bar stools that are at least 31 inches tall. You can also go with some wooden or metal stools that will last for many, many years. Put In A Kitchen Is your kitchen just a pit?

Set Up A Beer Tap

Because beer is the most important part of any man cave. I mean, besides the walls, right? I know, you think you should have some type of sports memorabilia, too, but trust me when I say that when your visitors start knocking on your door to visit, they will make sure they enjoy a cold beer while they’re here.

A beer tap is essential to any man cave, because you should always be able to serve a cold one in a matter of seconds.

I don’t care if your walls are white or beige, brown, green, whatever, paint them! It makes the room feel fresh and updated.

Add A Pool Table Or Ping Pong Table

Plenty of people play pool and shuffleboard in their man caves. If you want to add the little-known sport of table tennis, the men’s-only-ish sport of table tennis, you can do that.

The good thing about tables is that they don’t take up much room, and add a great workout to your man cave. This is your chance to play a game against your friends, or take it out on the men you work with.

Light It Up With Neon Lampshades. Don’t like the dark? Throw some light on it with these neon lampshades. These lamps are available at You can get three for $17.99 and two for $19.99, with free shipping.

Get Some Great Seating

If you’re planning to have a few dudes over for a little party in the man cave (or even just for some guys watching the game together), then you’re going to want some great seating. You might need a couch, a big chair, or maybe even a bed to make it truly cozier.

If there’s a corner, then make it so! You can even go with the trend of having a table as well — it’ll make everyone feel like they’re able to relax and get caught up in a good book.

Nothing says “look, this place is mine!” like an actual bar. I mean, you’re not going to be pulling any punches with this one, guys! That’s not what the man cave is for, but it’s definitely a welcome addition. It’s like getting a full staff of friends and you still get to enjoy the party too!

Center For Your Collectables And Memorabilia

No man cave would be complete without a large, high-level center for your prized collectables. You’ve been collecting stuff for years, and there’s a lot of it!

You may not be the one who chooses where the house gets built, but if you’re lucky enough to get your dream house, you should definitely make room for your collections.

You don’t need a trophy room to hold your action figures and stuff, so a basement is a good place to keep them. A man cave is only as good as the objects that fill it.

Set Up A Gaming Console

No man cave is complete without an Xbox or Playstation hooked up to the TV. This way, you can keep up with all of the latest video games. If you don’t already have a gaming console, then you can get a good deal on one on Amazon.

The only thing you need to add is a controller (or just use your smartphone). You might want to try and get one with Bluetooth so that you can play games while you’re away from home. A console is a bit pricey, so don’t waste your time looking at them unless you have some money to spare.

Just set it up and you’ll be able to keep up with all of the latest video games. Install A Rival-Tested TV Stand It is a good idea to have a television in the man cave in case you want to watch the game on there.

Build A Mini-bar And Keep Your Booze Cold

There are actually a ton of awesome man cave ideas that have a fully functioning bar, but our favorite ones will help you make your guests comfortable and easy to please. This bar should include: an ice machine (if your game is on), beer lines, and just about every type of liquor you can possibly imagine.

If you don’t have any friends that are die-hard sports fans, then you can always buy yourself a few coolers and create your own mini-bar.

Build A Great Looking Wall

You don’t have to have an artist’s eye to create a really great looking wall. Everyone’s ideas are different, but it shouldn’t be anything that’s too “girly” or too “masculine.” Let your own imagination take the reigns on that one.

Pick a cool color or two and let your artistic abilities (aka your nose) do the rest. Talk About Your Dreams No, seriously! Just leave the television and the PlayStation on mute. Go find a quiet spot and set up some playing cards or a chess board.

Get out your notebook or record some thoughts for your buddy. Get him talking about what he’d like to have in his man cave, or what he’d like to see happen for his career, or what he’s wishing for, or what he thinks life would be like for him if he had one.

Get Creative With Your Flooring

Depending on the design, there are a number of flooring options for your man cave, from hardwood floors to carpet. Obviously hardwood is traditional, while carpeting makes it more suitable for a man cave than a traditional living room.

However, carpeting is a great idea for your man cave if you want a little bit of the man cave feeling without making the entire space feel like a playroom.

Adding some vertical privacy panels will let you take advantage of your man cave’s size. Depending on what fabrics you choose, your man cave curtains can range from the all black brooding classic, to something like this metallic affair, to a really cool and modern take on the blackout.

Plan For Proper Ventilation

Everything in the man cave should be light, airy, and efficient. If you have a man cave, you’ll need to get yourself a ceiling fan. I realize this may seem like an obvious piece of equipment to have, but it’s worth mentioning, because if you don’t have one, you might just end up sweating bullets while trying to watch golf on the wall mounted television.

Sometimes, the pieces of furniture in your man cave can be all the distinction between it and a college basement. Take the time to find the best of the best in home décor, office chairs, end tables, and even artwork. When the space looks good, you’ll feel comfortable and will want to spend more time in it.